These past many weeks have changed how we perceive our reality, our relationships, and ourselves. The entire world is figuring out how to contain and manage the COVID-19 pandemic, and digital health is having an emerging, key role in it.

The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests smokers have a higher risk of growing and spreading the disease than non-smokers because they have increased susceptibility to delayed recovery from respiratory infections and are at greater risk of developing serious lung disease due to COVID-19.

As a digital therapeutic company, we are focusing our efforts to help those who are more at risk and make care more accessible. And if you smoke cigarettes or vape and have concerns about your health, MindCotine can help you get through these difficult times.

We are now offering FREE access to our digital platform to all smokers looking to cut back or quit. 

In order to access MindCotine Basic Plan for FREE please follow the next steps:

1.Download Mindcotine’s app from your phone (Android / iPhone)

2.Sign up to create your new user

Click on the “sign up” button to create a new user

3.Activate your FREE account using the following code: COVID19

Type in “COVID19”

4.Start your MindCotine Basic Plan from home for FREE

If you want to access to the MindCotine Premium Plan, which includes MindCotine Kit:

– Virtual reality headset

– Non-digital tools to help you cope with cravings 

– 1:1 coaching sessions

You can order your Kit with a 50% discount. 

For additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our support team at