Every year thousands of employers have no idea how much the employees are wasting their time on smoking breaks.  On average about 65 minutes per working day is wasted by an average employee who smokes regularly.  This works to about 40 hours a month and over 20 days a year as per Ladders News.  The total monetary value lost by that company can range from $7,500 all the way to $45,000 per employee.  Even small companies with employees of around 20 to 25 can cause the company’s upwards of a million dollars per year just for the employees to take a smoking break.  For bigger corporations, it is reported that around 0.5-3% of all possible revenues are lost due to smoking breaks depending on the industry.

Besides the money handle labor loss due to smoke breaks, I believe corporations should step in and provide a quality alternative for no cost.  Most alternative smoking methods require some sort of addictive substance including but not limited to vaping and smokeless tobacco.  However there is one particular product  that can simulate real-life experiences and train the mind  not to smoke without the use of dangerous alternatives.  That program is none other than the smoking cessation program from MindCotine.

It’s cutting-edge technology and proprietary VR system helps solidify the company as a leader in the alternative smoking industry.  With it’s  immersive program and ease-of-use this product is a must-have for companies that have employees who smoke regularly.  Not only will this program protect their employees health,  but it will be cost-efficient as increases in revenue are proportionally higher than the cost of the program. With its retention rate and popular demand, this is a must-have product for companies.