At least once in your life, you’ve played a game. From a card game to a board game, now in our new technological times ’ video games. What would you say if you could experience a new reality and think it’s real? That’s what Virtual Reality (VR) is bringing to life. 

VR will soon become our new norm but how does that affect you? Well, it has the potential to change education, businesses, medical advancements, and how you view the world.

Teenager female student wearing virtual reality glasses in classroom at school. Innovative teaching methods.

“Our youth, our future” is a saying we hear all the time. Technology has grown from where it used to be. We all remember sitting in a classroom hearing a teacher go on and on and on. There is always that one class that you had to force yourself to stay awake. Now imagine with VR teachers can use games and puzzles to teach children in a more entertaining way. We all know in this day and age kids all know how to use a phone and they are pretty much glued to it. Why not take advantage of their love for technology and give them a tool to learn something in a more engaging way that will speak to them and keep them alert. VR has the potential to do just that.

Businessman and woman wearing virtual reality headset, sitting in motion chairs, and touching air. VR experience concept

You’re thinking about opening a business, one thing you need to know is that you’ll need an online presence from a website to social media. Doesn’t sound too difficult to make sure you keep up with your website, make sure your clients and customers are happy and make posts engaging. WRONG! It takes lots of work and time but with VR, you get to bring your business to life. From your social media post being a 360 View to showing the inside workings of your business from behind the scenes. Your customers and clients get to feel like they’re there with you. It’s like being at a front-row seat at a concert. VR has its way of making your business more appealing than other companies out there. Take for example how we View Apartments now;  you get to see a 360 view of the apartment without even going to the complex. It saves time and you get to see if it’s something you really want before making that trip and signing a lease. But that’s just one example of how to use it. With business, there are a lot more you just have to do to be creative.

Doctor in a surgical room with virtual reality glasses on the background of the real operation. Modern technologies

Medical Advancements
Your health care is very important to you. You want to make sure your doctors are getting the best education out there. Let’s be honest, a doctor never stops learning and new medicines and techniques are always coming out. VR gives them the chance to practice surgeries, patient engagement, and even learn about new machines. That’s great for you. Why? Well, you don’t want your doctor first time practicing a new technique for surgery in the operating room with you. Oh, that would be terrifying! Don’t worry, with VR it won’t be the first time they practiced. VR gives our Healthcare a new step into more opportunities for how healthcare providers will treat and assist us.

Patient wearing virtual reality glasses during the treatment of phobia

Mental Health
Mental health is very important to your well-being. How you view the world is how you’re going to live in it. VR has been used to treat anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder  (PTSD), and addictions. That’s how it’s been used in psychology. You’re probably wondering “ well what if I don’t do any of these ”? VR as amazing as it is in psychology can also be used for other uses of Mental Health. it can be used for meditation (imagine a meditation class from your home on the beach), physical rehabilitation, cognitive learning, and much more. Sounds impossible but with VR it is already possible! 

With all these different ways of how virtual reality can affect your everyday life, you might be tempted to try it out now. Here are some companies that are using virtual reality to make our world better.

1. MindCotine uses Virtual Reality to help people to quit addiction like smoking!

2. Syncthick uses Virtual Reality to see if ocular-motor impairments have happened because of a concussion or because a person has sleep-deprivation.

3. zSpace uses Virtual Reality to help children learn in a more entertaining way.

4. FLOWVR Meditation uses Virtual Reality in an app to give you a 360 view video in a guided meditation.