The idea of wanting to reproduce is human nature. Couples all over the world that are trying to conceive usually go either two ways. One, they conceive easily or two, it takes years and testing to make sure their eggs and sperm are okay. For those that wish to conceive getting rid of any obstacle to achieve that end goal of creating life is essential. A big obstacle for many is smoking.   

3 ways quitting smoking can boost your fertility:
1. Healthier eggs
2. Sperm count and erection increase  
3. Reduction of stress

How smoking affects the reproductive organs.
Smoking is shown to damage your lungs, there are a lot of studies out there that show the effects of smoking.  It does much more than we realize, it affects way more than your lungs. It has an effect on how our reproductive system works in daily life and for those that are trying to conceive it can be preventing you from achieving that end result. According to the latest Surgeon General report smoking can damage DNA in sperm and reduce fertility [1]. For women, smoking affects sex hormones which hinder reproductive health[2].

1.Healthier eggs
Female smokers are more likely to have painful and irregular periods, they also have a higher chance of getting menopause earlier[2]. In the ovaries, the once healthy eggs start to not be viable for fertilization when the female is smoking. Once a female quits smoking a positive effect can be seen in her eggs after three months[3]. A boost in egg fertility in 90 days after quitting almost sounds too good to be true yet it is. You might be wondering why it is so quick? Well, it takes 90 days to produce the egg that will be released during your cycle[3]. If you quit smoking today you will see better results in your hormones and eggs in three (3) months.

2.Sperm Count and Erection Increase
Male smokers have a lower sperm count and have a higher potential for damaging sperm[2]. Smoking does not just limit itself in just making male sperm count low, it also affects their capability to have erections. Smoking changes blood flow needed for an erection and can affect the healthy blood needed to go into the erectile tissue which is called erectile dysfunction (ED)[1]. When the male quits smoking he can see results in the sperm within three months since the male needs to wait for the creation and development of new sperm which is the cycle of spermatogenesis[3]. It is best to wait 90 days before testing your sperm or wait for the cycle to finish. A boost in the quality of sperm is right around the corner once you quit.

3.Reduction of stress
Trying to have a child is extremely stressful especially when you experience infertility. Stress is a big factor in why you might smoke as it might help you reduce your stress yet it also can be the factor in why you are experiencing infertility in the first place. It is best to find a way to deal with stress in a different manner. A couple of ways are meditation, yoga, exercise, and reading. It’s best to find things that will keep your mind off smoking and relax your body. It is also a good idea to contact a doctor or start a program that will help you quit. The reduction of stress on your body also helps your reproductive system work more soundly.

Your ultimate goal is to start that family you have been dreaming about. If you’re lucky it happens right away, but for some, it’s not so easy. Many factors can affect your reproductive health. Smoking is a factor that can be stopped in its tracks and effects are reversible over time. For men and women, the change can be seen in just three months. The stress of infertility can be hard on a relationship, so finding that you can boost it by quitting smoking can be a life change.

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Renee Rameshwar
Health and Wellness Copywriter

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