Impact in your employee’s lives today by implementing MindCotine’s smoking cessation program

Benefits of a smoke-free organization

Increase Productivity

Each former smoker represents 240 hours not worked, that are recovered each year.

Decrease Absenteeism

Make an impact on the worker’s health and recover 6 non-worked days each year due to tobacco-related diseases.

Improvement Working Environments

By helping an employee to become a former smoker, depressive tendencies are reduced 30%.

Companies that trust in us

Direct impact


The return on investment by helping an employee quit smoking is 5X of the money invested.

Stress-free implementation

People have reported that adopting the MindCotine program is 3 times greater when compared to other similar programs.

Data driven solution

We provide analytics and dynamic reports so that you can measure the impact of the implementation of the program.

Are you interested in implementing MindCotine, the smoke-free program, in your organization?