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End Your Smoking Habit Today.

MindCotine is an evidence-based program that
will train your brain and help you quit for good.

The Smoking Cessation Process. Reinvented.

Unleash your mind’s power with MindCotine’s unique combination
of Virtual Reality, Mindfulness and cognitive behavioral techniques
to change your habits and quit in 21 DAYS.

What Do I Get With My Kit?

Virtual Reality Cardboard

Immerse yourself in virtual reality sessions and learn about the smoking-related cues that trigger you to smoke.

Mobile App

Control cravings and create healthy alternative behaviors by suppressing the urge to smoke from your phone.

1:1 Coach Support

Receive weekly 1:1 guidance by professionals certified in tobacco cessation.

Mindfulness Exercises

Practice mindfulness, discover the root of your cravings and make a conscious decision to stay smoke-free.

Are you not sure about MindCotine?

Don’t worry, we got you covered! Get your kit delivered to you FOR FREE, try it for 30 days, and if you are not satisfied with our therapy you will get a FULL refund.

Delivered for FREE in USA and Canada

Satisfaction Guaranteed or get a FULL refund

We ship globally. Chat with Us for shipping prices to your country

MindCotine Works Better

Real Success Stories

“The desire does not go away but you learn to thrive. Today I am especially happy. I still come across many challenging situations where the first thing that comes to mind is reaching for a cigarette but I’m confident I now have the conviction and the tools to overcome those two minutes of cravings.”

Tony S.

36 years old, Madison, Wisconsin.

“Quitting is a very rewarding experience. I felt supported knowing that MindCotine was there to help me reach my goals. I recommend people try the program.”

July T.

53 years old, San Jose, California.

“With MindCotine’s help, I set myself small mental goals. That’s how I’ve been without cigarettes for eight months now. Today I feel happy for having achieved my goal and I am now embarking on a path to a healthy and non-toxic life. ”

George K.

49 years old, Nashville, Tennessee.

Are You Ready To Quit?

Have you tried to quit in the past and failed?
Are you starting to see the negative impact after years of smoking?
Or do you simply want to save hundreds of dollars per month?

The time to quit is NOW!
Try MindCotine.

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